We send your items is via Royal Mail 1st class post, we get proof of postage, however with COVID still effecting some area of the post office delivery times, please be patient.


We hold 100's of designs in stock, and list nearly 1300.

Barry Hopkins

We stock a huge range of items, many 100's in fact, from the complete range of over 1300 that are available.

We have chosen to list many more designs that are available from our supplier, but do not have them in stock for immediate dispatch.

Partly due to Covid-19, our supply chain has changed from a UK distributor to Rudolph and Me Inc, direct, the main supplier in the USA. (Despite the website trading name, we are independent to the main supplier.) 
The advantage is that we can offer a far wider range of designs than ever before, but this creates a time issue for us when items ordered by our customers are not in stock at the time of ordering, as we have to create a large single order, where before Covid, we could make many small top up orders. 
This does take a little longer than we would like. 

As a small family business, we are building our stock range with every order we make, and by the end of September, when orders really start to flow in, we rearrange all available designs on our website to limit this situation as much as possible on future orders.

However we can usually get them in about 3-6 weeks so delay in receiving them is inevitable.

This situation prevails until early/mid October, when we start to limit orders to only items we actually have in stock, as we want to make sure your order arrives in time for Christmas.

The earlier you order for Pre Christmas Delivery the better. 

Don't forget to add your contact details, so if we have a problem, we can offer alternatives. 

If you have chosen a design that is currently out of stock, There are several options, but rest assured that we will always make sure your order is completed well before Christmas, one way or another!

1) You can choose an alternative that we do have in stock from this section of our website? https://rudolphandme.co.uk/collections/ready-to-post 
2) Wait and we will supply as soon as your order arrives. (which is usually 3-6 weeks)
3) We can arrange a full refund. If this is for Christmas 2020 there is plenty of time for option 1 or 2 above!

We know that purchasing online can become a worry if what you ordered does not arrive as soon as you expected, rest assured we will not bite, and will do our best to keep you informed about your order, which we will full-fill as soon as  we can.


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